photo credit Jeremy Koreski

photo credit Jeremy Koreski


Esther Celebrini is a jazz vocalist, pianist, harpist, songwriter, DJ and music producer who is currently based out of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Esther has a very unique and distinct singing voice. She sings with a mix of smoky sultriness, almost whispering and speaking to you at times and then holds your attention with her ballads and anthems like a serene angel, always with poetic and improvisational magic.

As a pianist she is always exploring on the keys - they are an infinite playground of possibilities - rhythms, harmonies and juxtapositions, surprising the audience at every turn. From The Doors and Gordon Lightfoot tunes, to a sweet old Rogers and Hammerstein standard, she is at times comforting and familiar as a musician, like an old record and at times catching the audience with curious interpretations. 

She has an associate diploma from the London College of Music in Piano Performance and has had the tremendous privilege and opportunity to work with distinguished vocal coach Nikolai M. Kolesnikov and jazz piano legend Bob Murphy.

Presently, she is recording her own original compositions in both a live jazz and singer-songwriter format as well as in the EDM (electronic dance music) genre. As well she relishes in collaborating with interesting artists - many of her projects have involved musicians from diverse backgrounds such as Cuban percussionist Toto Berriel and Vancouver-based bassist extraordinaire Jodi Proznick. She enjoys being a live performer as well as a music event producer, frequently putting on live art-music improvisational concerts with her partner, professional fine art painter and artist Randolph A Celebrini. 

She has been teaching music for over 20 years. Her teaching philosophies are rooted in the fundamentals of classical music and branch into nurturing each student towards expression, improvisation and play as well as observation of the ongoing rhythms found in Nature.





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